Renovations of Historical Homes

Here’s an interesting story that caught our eye. It discusses the restrictions that affect D.C. residents that own historically significant homes. Falls Church has a similar system in place to protect historically our significant buildings. Owners have to ask permission of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) to make alterations or tear-down a home built on or before 1910. There are actually quite a few in the City, not just the more well-known ones. However unlike boards in D.C. or City of Alexandria (i.e. Old Town), the HARB has less power over home owners. While it would be a shame for a historic home to be lost or drastically altered, it’s not definitive that the City could actually stop someone from doing so. The HARB has a strong (and useful) role but is believed to be mostly advisory in nature. (More info on Falls Church City HARB)