Info on Area Schools

The Falls Church City Public Schools enjoys a reputation for excellence, and the division is committed to maintaining its standing as the premier small school system in the nation. Our four schools serve more than 1900 students including some tuition students who live in communities outside the City of Falls Church.

Mission Statement

The Falls Church City Public Schools, in partnership with our families and community, educates and challenges every student to succeed and become a responsible and contributing member of the global community.

[box] The Mount Daniel Web Site:[/box]

[box]The Thomas Jefferson Web Site:[/box]

[box]The Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School Web Site:[/box]

[box]The George Mason High School Web Site:[/box]


Here is some greater detail on the schools and their student body:

[box type=”download”]Info on Mount Daniel: [/box]

[box type=”download”]Info on Thomas Jefferson: [/box]

[box type=”download”]Info on Mary Ellen Henderson: [/box]

[box type=”download”]Info on George Mason High School: [/box]