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Renovations of Historical Homes

Here’s an interesting story that caught our eye. It discusses the restrictions that affect D.C. residents that own historically significant homes. Falls Church has a similar system in place to protect historically our significant buildings. Owners have to ask permission of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) to make alterations or tear-down a home built

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Hillwood Avenue Tax Assessments: What Happened?

Everyone received their 2012 tax assessment (TA) back in late February for the tax year that begins July 1st. We recently learned of the increase that affected home owners on Hillwood Ave so we decided to take a closer look. [box type=”info”](Note: Hillwood Ave has 61 residential properties (detached, townhouses) in the sub-divisions of Buffalo

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Falls Church Neighborhood History

By our count, there are some 142 neighborhoods (officially called sub-divisions) in Falls Church City. Some are large and well known (Winter Hill) and a few are so small they literally have only one house. Most do not have documented histories. However a few do and they have fascinating links to Falls Church’s past. Many

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