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Falls Church Market Stats Q1 2013

Sales Market Summary: The market for January-March 2013 continued–no surprise–what we’ve seen the past few quarters, that Falls Church inventory remains tight. If anything, it got even tighter compared to the later part of 2012. There were 34 sales (10 condos, 10 THs, 14 detached) which is a sizeable decrease (47%) from the previous quarter

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Sales Market Summary Q4 2012

This past October-December continued what we saw in the past two quarters, that Falls Church inventory remains fairly tight. There were 50 sales (21 condos, 4 THs, 25 detached) which is a decrease over the previous quarter of 68 (29 condos, 5 THs, 34 detached) but slightly more than Q4 2011 (45 sales: 20 condos,

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Sales Market Summary Q3 2012

Sales Market Summary Q3 2012: This past July-September was no different than the past two quarters, i.e. the Falls Church market remains strong. In fact Q3 was better than the past two quarters. There were 68 sales (18 condos, 4 THs, 34 detached) which is a slight increase over the previous quarter of 60 (18

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Market Summary April-June

There were 60 sales from April to June (18 condos, 12 THs, 30 detached) which is nearly double the number for the previous quarter (14 condos, 2 THs, 16 detached). This is nearly the same number (66) as the same time period last year (22 condos, 13 THs, 31 detached). The “Spring Market” we just

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Renovations of Historical Homes

Here’s an interesting story that caught our eye. It discusses the restrictions that affect D.C. residents that own historically significant homes. Falls Church has a similar system in place to protect historically our significant buildings. Owners have to ask permission of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) to make alterations or tear-down a home built

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Hillwood Avenue Tax Assessments: What Happened?

Everyone received their 2012 tax assessment (TA) back in late February for the tax year that begins July 1st. We recently learned of the increase that affected home owners on Hillwood Ave so we decided to take a closer look. [box type=”info”](Note: Hillwood Ave has 61 residential properties (detached, townhouses) in the sub-divisions of Buffalo

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Sold Market Summary Q1 2012

There were 32 sales in the first three months of this year (14 condos, 2 THs, 16 detached). This is a slight increase over 2011 which had 27 sales (15 condos, 4 THs, 8 detached). While not a large increase, it’s a clear sign the market has improved.       [box type=”info”] NOTES: 2011

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Falls Church Neighborhood History

By our count, there are some 142 neighborhoods (officially called sub-divisions) in Falls Church City. Some are large and well known (Winter Hill) and a few are so small they literally have only one house. Most do not have documented histories. However a few do and they have fascinating links to Falls Church’s past. Many

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Year-over-Year Activity in DC Metro Area

The 2,507 homes sold in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area represent the highest February total since 2007. Inventory levels continue to decline with the 9,823 active listings to end the month representing the lowest supply of homes since August 2005. With 368 active foreclosures representing only 3.7% of the active market (the lowest level since

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